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Just 4 Easy Steps To Get Started Just 4 easy steps to find and work with the Content Writer
who has the right skills for doing the job!

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Indus Net Technologies (Hire-A-Content-Writer.com is an Indus Net Technologies brand) has been selected as the #1 IT SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise) in India 2008 by Duns & Bradstreet in a glittering Award Ceremony in Mumbai on 30th September 2008.

Indus Net Technologies has also been prominently placed among the Emerging SMEs of India publication, which was unveiled on the same day.

We would like to thank our 5000+ clients who put in their trust in us (even though 90% of them have never met us) and the team which delivered and fulfilled every promise that Indus Net Technologies made.

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1. Choose Specialization

You begin by identification of the type of writer that you require. This can either be a Blog writer, SEO content writer or a Review writer.

You can start by either choosing a profile or you can get in touch with us so that we can help you determine the right sort of profile that will be suitable, based on your needs.


2. Choose Billing Model

Depending on how much work you currently have, you can hire writers on hourly, part-time or monthly basis. For instance, media houses normally hire writers on a monthly basis to support their content requirements, where as, we are also hired on hourly basis to work on small tasks.

You have great flexibility in deciding the duration for which you want to hire us!

3. Interview & Payments

You can speak with the writer before making the decision of hiring him. We are generally able to provide you with a suitable writer, which matches your requirements, within 24 hrs.

Once you are satisfied, you will be required to make an advance payment before the work can commence.

4. Commence Work

Once everything is set, you can begin sending work to the writer and they will send you updates at the end of each day.

We monitor and manage the delivery in the background to ensure your needs are continuously met.

The contract can be closed or renewed at the end of the term.

Start by choosing a specialization